Axis Power Price List

Axis Power Kit SRP
Kit P/N Engine Price
AP01 VW Turbo Diesel $795
AP02 N/A Diesel $745
AP03 Gas $725

Included in kits:
All kits include:
Engine to Transmission adapter kit
Starter Motor adapter kit
Motor Mount Assemblies (R&L)
Alternator Mount Assy.
AC Mount Assy.
Cooling System documentation packet
Throttle cable adapter
Installation Instructions
Technical Support

The Turbo Diesel kits (AP01-01) includes:
Diesel Wiring Harness
Fuel Filter Adapter
Turbo Intake Adapter Kit
Exhaust Header

The Normally Aspirated Diesel kits (AP02-01) includes:
Diesel Wiring Harness
Fuel Filter Adapter
(no exhaust header or air intake)

The Gas kits (AP03-01) includes:
Basic Wiring Harness

Other Parts:
Along with the Axis Power kit, you will need the following items. These are listed for bugetary purposes. All components are fully described in the Installation Manual.

Typical total for the"extra parts" will be from about $300 - 600 depending on where you source your parts. KELTEC will not always be the least expensive source for "off the shelf" parts, but many times we will be a good source for hard to find items. We encourage you to shop around.

Other Requirements:
All installations will require a minimum of 2" suspension lift on the vehicle prior to installation. Check with our dealers for lift components.

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