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Due to personal and business reasons, we have ceased production of the Axis Power (VW diesel into Samurai conversion) kits and all other automotive products, including interior panel sets.

Rocky Road Outfitters has been licensed to manufacture and distribut the Axis Power. Click here to get to Rocky Road Outfitters site..

We have some inventory left:
At this time all Axis Power kits and tach converters are gone.
We have a few soft top panel sets left. No HT Rear panels.

All inventory is sold on a first come, first serve basis.
We will continue to provide technical support for all products, indefinitely.

PLEASE Do not call us or e-mail us about any product not on our list of available parts. They're all gone. Sorry.

If you are interested in buying the products rights to any or all of our products, please call us. There are a lot of folks e-mailing and calling who want these products. We JUST DON'T have time for it now. Wish we did. It is a FUN business .

Following is all the information on what we used to produce.

Automotive Components:

The Axis Power Kit. Axis Power - VW Turbo Diesel power for the Suzuki.

Other Automoitve Components - Some neat stuff for Samurai and diesels.

Automotive Links - Suzuki, VW, Diesel and 4x4.

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