Axis Power - Extra Parts

Please review the update to the installation guide for more current and complete details on this subject.

Following is a summary of the extra parts you need to complete your Axis Power VW conversion. This is provided to give the less than experienced user an understanding of what you will need and where you get it. Please check the Update page for further details and corrections.

Starting Point:
We are assuming you are starting with a Samurai that has been lifted a minimum of 2", and you have in your hot little hands a nice VW engine. When we say you have an engine, we assume it includes the major parts detailed below and all the related bolts and gaskets.

Engine Details:
A long block - a standard industry term. It ought to include the following:

for diesel -

for gas -

for turbo diesel -

Extra Parts:
You will need to obtain these parts. They can be bought new, some can be found in a salvage yard.
They are separated out by supplier sources:

KELTEC Options:
Diesel Tach Converter - This device allows your alternator to power your stock Suzuki tach or any other tach designed for gasoline engines. This saves you buying a special Diesel type tach.

VW parts:
Note: KELTEC stocks some of these parts - mainly used parts. If you don't find one quickly, contact us we might have one.

180 deg F thermostat (after market is ok)

Water outlet housing (on head)

Radiator fan switch (after market is ok) Any of these will work:

Water pump pulley - adjustable.

Oil Filter Adapter (from N/S engine like Quantum or Fox). Either PN below will work.

Flywheel from N/S engine like Quantum or Fox) (Gas, diesel, engine displacement not important)

Flywheel bolts (buy new preferred)

Pressure Plate from N/S engine (Quantum or Fox). Clutch for diesel preferred for all applications.

Fuel Filer housing. Used is great, also get hose (banjo) fittings and bolts that attach to housing. The housing P/N is listed, get fittings from donor or ask VW dealer for PN.

Clip that holds Throttle cable onto Injector pump.

Diesel only - Glow Plug Relay -

Parts from other Vehicles:

Starter - It is a 1.8HP gear reduction starter. It comes from:

Friction Disk - It is a 7/8" dia x 20 spline ID, 200 mm (7 7/8") OD. It comes from:

Parts From Local Auto Parts Store:
Electric Radiator Fan 16" dia, 3 3/8" dp
Imperial Automotive Products P/N 226116. About $70 at Auto Zone
JC Whitney P/N 38YE2528U About $80 (we haven't tried this one, but it looks similar to above)
Oil filter
Oil pan drain bolt and nut to fit. For additional oil pan drain
Radiator Fan
Fan belt
Non-A/C only - Idler Pulley
Factory Air P/N 45954
Rubber "radiator" hoses (various - see detailed instructions in kit)
Rubber fuel hoses (various - see detailed instructions in kit)
Rubber vacuum line hoses (various - see detailed instructions in kit)
Misc hose clamps
Diesel only
Steel brake lines for use as fuel lines
Fuel Filter

Parts From Local Building Supply Store:
Copper tubing and fittings for radiator and heater lines
PVC tubing and glue. For air intake prior to air filter.

Parts from Local Exhaust Shop:
Adapter pipe
Tubing / muffler(s) and tail pipe as required. Some or all of your Suzuki system will work.

Recommended Misc Supplies:
Anti-seize compound
Lacquer thinner or other strong solvent
Gray silicon gasket seal

Recommended Other Parts:
Diesel only

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