NEW Housing Technology by KELTEC Systems, Inc.

KELTEC Systems, Inc. (KELTEC) has developed a new technology of house construction. We publish the difinitive book on how to implement this technology.

The KELTEC developed aspects of this building system are "Open Source" Technology. Free for you to use! What is "open Source"?

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Front of the prototype house

Lifting a wall

Wall during fabrication process

A refreshingly new residential construction technology specifically designed with reduced “cost of ownership” (ultra energy efficient) and safety as its key features. Written in a fun-to-read style, it includes a broad base of information on concrete construction, general design and work techniques, and an apology for “the savage butchering of the English language”.
You will enjoy this book! You will enjoy your new home!

Excerpts and Selected Comments

Why such a silly name?
What problem were we trying to solve?
Cost of ownership
Construction skills
The Concept
Editorial comments

The name: "The Happily Ever After House"

“Children’s stories end in “… and they lived happily ever after. The End.” As all children long to find the princess or prince of their dreams and live in the beautiful castle, I longed for the house of my dreams.”

I already have my "princess". I shall live happily ever after. That, and "...besides, all the really cool high tech names were already taken".

What problem were we trying to solve?:

“… we couldn’t find something that met our requirements; that was available in the market. Not at any price.”

The Happily Ever After House was developed by KELTEC Systems, Inc. The need was driven by the company owners' need for a house, and the recogintion that what they wanted was not available.
KELTEC Systems, Inc. dedicated resources to develop the technology and now publishes the details of the technology in the book "The Happily Ever After House".
KELTEC did not patent any of the technology developed, preferring to make it available to anyone who wants to use it.

KELTEC's involvement in the technology at this point is to make available the book and to provide consulting services on how best to implement the technology.

Cost of Ownership:

“In the housing world, an analysis of Cost of Ownership should include:

We wanted the HEA House to be low in TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP.”

Key features of the Happily Ever After Technology:


“Much of the construction work required in the HEA House is work that two dedicated, moderately knowledgeable, moderately skilled, people can do. Our main crew consisted of two people. My wife and I. We did virtually all work on the house with some exceptions.”

Concept and components:

The Happily Ever After Technology utilizes some existing technologies and some new ones.

Key components of the Happily Ever After Technology:

The Sandwich Wall Panel

Editorial comment:

“Some paragraphs had me rolling on the floor, laughing out loud!” - Paul Alito, editorial staff.

I think he meant this was a good thing…

"Open Source" General Public License:

This technology is free. It is covered with an "Open Source" General Public License that allows you to use it, to modify it, to incorporate it into your technologies.

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