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Technical support is provided for users of Keltec products. Our available online technical support is currently for software users only.
Technical support for our automotive customers is not available online. Please contact us for automotive technical support.

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Available Information
There are many sources of information available to help you understand the power of KELTEC Products.

  • Our Sales Literature, which you have probably seen, is our first step in helping you understand KELTEC products. The brochure provides a brief list of features and functions.
  • The Demo diskettes of most products include three levels of information.
    1. Most product Demos include a Tutorial. The tutorial should give you a preliminary overview of how the product operates and how it can help you in managing your agri-business. Refer to the Demo Installation procedures for details.
    2. The limited Demo version of the program contains two Help features to assist you:
      1. On line help - Hit the F1 key and helpful information will be displayed. This information will be either text (words) or a "look up table" which is a list of selections from which to choose. Note that these codes are User Definable, which means that you can change the list to show the selections you want.
      2. Command prompts are provided at the bottom of the screen. These will be either a list of Function Keys, F1 through F10, and their related descriptions, or directions of what to do at this point in the program.
    3. The Product package includes all the information included in the demo, plus the printed User Guide and other printed documentation in the product pack.

    Call for Help
    The Technical Support Hotline is the final, formal information source to assist you with KELTEC products. The Hotline can provide assistance on the operating characteristics (technically, how it works) and the applications (how you use it to solve specific farm related problems).

    Our Tech Support line is available during normal business hours, but since farmers and ranchers put in a lot more than regular business hours, we try to make our line available from about 7AM to 7PM. Outside of those hours, if we are in meetings, or the line is busy you'll get our answering machine. Please leave a brief description of the problem you are having, your name and phone number, and we'll get back to you. If we're on another line, we'll usually return your call within 15 minutes or so. If we're in meetings, or are temporarily out of the office, it may take an hour or more. And if we're at a show, we will try to return calls in the evening or morning.

    Be assured that returning Technical Support calls is our highest priority, and we will get back to you just as soon as we can.

    Another source of information available to you, which should not be overlooked, is other KELTEC products users. If your neighbors or friends are using the program, they will be a valuable source of good ideas and assistance.

    KELTEC's Support Philosophy:
    We at KELTEC are committed to providing you with the best products in the industry. To us, the product consists not only of the software program, but also of the accompanying support. We design our products to be used by farmers and ranchers. We do not expect you to be an experienced computer user, and it is our goal to provide you with the information required so that you can use KELTEC products effectively to assist you in managing your agri-business.

    We define our support as having two basic areas with these goals:

  • Pre-Sales Support - to provide you with adequate information so that you can effectively evaluate the product and make an INFORMED decision as to the KELTEC product's suitability for use on your farm or ranch. If you have a question, please call us!
  • Post-Sales Support - Once you buy any KELTEC product, we will provide whatever assistance we can to help you use that product to its fullest potential. Post sales support includes these two major offerings:
    1. When you buy any product from KELTEC, Inc. you will be entitled to a full year of phone support.
    2. You will also receive all product updates for one full year.

    So, if you should have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to call us on our Tech Support line.

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